About Leon Invent

Leon Invent was established in 2014 and provides a vast range of software with a twist. Our current software is only a basis. We offer a wide range of solutions but we are willing to work with you to customize everything to your needs.

Many software vendors such as Salesforce, SAP and Oracle offer enterprise management systems and CRM, but there are two major problems with their out-of-the-box solutions: difficulty in implementation and inflated costs..

Leon Invent was established in order to solve this problem for small to medium and rapidly growing businesses. Here is how:

  • Your Exact Needs, No More, No Less
  • Better Integration with Your Business Operation
  • Escape the Draconian Pricing
  • Dedicated Apps for Different Departments

Why we can make your business better

Instead of pouring tons of money into a complicated and cumbersome company management software package, why not create a light-weight and effective customized system at a fraction of the cost?

It may sound like a daunting task, but Leon Invent services allows you to build a management system from scratch in less time than it would take to customize a big vendor’s ERP or CRM platform.

With Leon Invent, you don’t have to worry about prices. Our pricing model is installation-based instead of per-user, giving you complete control over how many employees to include at no extra cost. Additionally, the incremental cost of adding new solutions on top of existing applications is also very low and covered by a service agreement.
With a custom-built solution, you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Training your team members takes less time because the system is designed based on the workflow that they are already familiar with.
Have you considered the costs to integrate a ready made vendor system with your website, or with your customer information portal, or an accounting system? In Leon Invent we take care of this for you provided that we have access to your website database or an API.

Leon Invent Services

Software Development

We have a team of experts that can develop software for all your needs and in many platforms and technologies using the most advanced tools in the market.

Database Management

We can take care of your business database, sync information and apply our knowledge in building databases to your business. When you keep information right things go smooth when you need results.

Website Development

We are using the best and most up to date web technologies to meet your end needs. Our experience ranges from consulting, to simple web presence or portals and online shopping carts.

24x7 Support

Our support team is proud of their work. They are there to provide solutions and insight to every question you might have. We believe in warm human interaction and ingenuity and that is the basis of our support services and contracts.

Economic Computing

We are not saying Green Computing (like the buzz) but Economic Computing since this is the basis of our services. Our belief is in Economic way of living... and computing.

Customer Panel

Once you start working with us you are going to have access to our comprehensive customer panel. We want to be straight with you and all our activities regarding your company are going to be there for you to see at any time.

Business Reporting

All our systems provide reporting engines that can be customized by your staff or a third party and provide easy reporting for all your needs.

Cloud Databases

We use a cloud platform for all your storage needs and services. This includes tight security and regular backups so your data is safe with us.