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A digital creative agency
where technology moves people.

is Connected

In a networked world even virtual butterflies can make figurative tornadoes. At Gladeye we take a holistic approach to digital strategy, amplifying brand stories on ecosystems of people, media and devices.

The gladeye is a butterfly found in India.


In art as online, love affairs grow out of shared experiences. At Gladeye, where design ♥ technology, we make emotional connections between brands and their customers with campaigns that delight and technology people love to use.

The glad eye is a seductive glance.
The Urban Dictionary


The best message speaks to the right person at the appropriate moment. We plan creative, data-driven digital campaigns as part of long-term engagement strategies, and use analytics as a process to continually make things better.

The gladeye Mk4 Mod0 is a free-fall naval bomb.
US Naval Museum of Armament Technology


The right mix is always greater than the sum of its parts. Here at Gladeye we mingle designers, coders, writers and math majors to promote serendipitous collisions of art and technology. We think code is creative, and we apply data to design.

The glad eye is a cocktail made with absinthe and peppermint.
Internet Cocktail Database

Gladeye is the creative agency
for a connected world.