This is definitely, 'The good you do for others is good you do yourself'! It's a reward because I was helpful!

I don't feel safe here anymore.

Omar was fascinated by Rex's story.

You're crazy!

I can't prove it.

Charley and Betty look very happy together.


You should tell Rees that he has nothing to worry about.

The man is sick.

Roy noticed that.

We're not going to do that.

Teruyuki's a drunk.

The longest day must have an end.

The girls danced to music.


He told me that he had no time to read books.

Does he have money?

Most of the war damage was there.

Don't you feel better?

I was uncomfortable.

Stop fooling around!

Didn't you enjoy dinner last night?

Do you want to see something funny?

Rayan wanted to become a teacher.

Are there any discount tickets for me?

I hope that you will enjoy this sentence.

He did his best to drink.

Everyone started crying again.

Put aside money for a rainy day.

I choose what I buy carefully.

We've been asking the wrong kind of questions.

Pratt did okay on the test.

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Bryan knows what needs to be done.

I understand the allusion.

They're the ones that beat Butler up.

Vice had a nice chat with Jinchao.

We only sell top quality products.

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The game was postponed due to rain.


He is coarse in manner.

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Don't be a jackass!

I'm not going to lie to you.

I've heard her speaking English as fluently as an American.

Memories of old times rushed back into my mind.

"Please put this on the top." "On top of what?"


When I first visit a country, I always try to share a meal with the people there.

You should discount his story.

What? It's only eleven? We still have an hour to go before lunch.

It is very fine today.

The actor is putting on makeup.

Adil the Kazakh believes that Neanderthals had red hair.

These are just crazy ideas.

The plot where a group of young adults visits some remote area and gets attacked by some type of serial killer has been repeated ad nauseum.

I argued with Antonella.

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Can I stay with you? I was kicked out of my house because I didn't pay the rent.

It began to snow.

He's eating breakfast in the cafe.

Everyone's a bit confused.

Hold out your hands.

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Perhaps someone other than Allan would be a better choice.

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He is merely a child.

I've already done the hard part.

She is my older sister.

Let's start with a few facts.

Your son is sick.

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He was reading a book at that time.


I enjoy reading.

I'll see you later at home.

Do you even know who Trey is?

Can you give me Marion's address?

Mat beat Stephe black and blue.

The expressway was congested with thousands of cars.

I don't really like them anyway.


At first there will be many unfamiliar words and grammatical forms, but you don't have to be afraid.

I wish all people would love peace.

News of her death caused great concern throughout the country.

Just how long do you expect Sedat to stay?

There was a pack of paper on the table.


When was the last time you cooked a meal?

He's dying to see Seiko.

He likes me and I like him too.

You should go to a dentist immediately.

I answer for his honesty, for I know him well.

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Jacobson kept a rabid dog at his laboratory.


Hon looks disappointed.

I took him a cup of coffee.

Even I would have helped them.

He seemed to be in a good mood.

You can't depend on him to be punctual.

Case called the insurance company to report that his car had been stolen.

You were wrong about the painting.

Carter and I are partners.

Surprisingly, he swims even on cold days.

A year has twelve months.

Hazel likes this.


Ewan is working at the supermarket now.

I think you should double-check your facts.

Tonight is the night.

Take it one step at a time.

I've decided not to sell my motorcycle.


I am not mean.

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She failed the examination and I was greatly disappointed.

I'll never ever forgive Kimmo for what he did.

Luckily, we have a plan.


People will laugh at you if you say so.

What's beside the desk?

Where is the cutlery?


You read the paper?

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Eli went to a private school.


Vivek wondered where they were going.

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Case didn't know Mitchell as well as I did.

You are complete.

I've been helping him.

I found out who Kathleen's father is.

I don't have to worry about that anymore.


Suyog knows time's running out.


Has Nichael been asking you questions about me?

Let's all just sit down and try to talk about what's happened.

I won't cook for him.

Her book has sold more than 20 million copies.

My watch costs less than yours.

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His voice was drowned by the yells.


Alain runs the fastest.

They soon arrived at the station on the moon.

The train arrives at platform number 5.

I found a bunch of viruses on my aunt's computer.

Ken plays soccer every day.

You cannot take pictures in the theater without permission.

Where did you want to take them?

He opened her lunch box.

This is how I usually cook fish.

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I want to eat a mango.

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The situation was really difficult to deal with.


Too much or too little of anything is never good; it's all about balance.

I don't think it was an accident.

Murthy's shot missed the target by two feet.


Is it a good change?

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It's kind of creepy.

Tyson followed up the jab with a left hook.

There was nothing for us to do.

They want to separate after 40 years of marriage.

Oh! Seriously?

I made haste for fear that I should miss the bus.

Call a doctor.


I'm finished here.


It took a while for Lori to react.

It was fun going to Chuck's Diner with you.

Kathryn is very careful, isn't he?

All Anne really needed was about ten dollars.

An actor must interpret life, and in order to do so must be willing to accept all the experiences life has to offer. In fact, he must seek out more of life than life puts at his feet.

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We're not on a date.


We have made many mistakes.


Do you recognize these?

That observation pertains to you, too.

Greg will be here in just a moment.


Naim pretended not to notice that Tanya was looking at him.

In Copernicus' time most astronomers believed the theory the Greek astronomer Ptolomy had developed more than 1,000 years earlier. Ptolomy said the Earth was the center of the universe and was motionless. He believed all other heavenly bodies moved in complicated patterns around the Earth.

The quantity discounts are according to the size of the order.

Don is impulsive, isn't he?

It was nice of you to stop by.

The revolutionary council met to plan strategy.

Drive more carefully, or you will run into trouble.


Andre never was strong.