Welcome to Jokers Wild Footy Forecast

(Important: This NOT a Gambling site)

Let me introduce myself. I am the Supreme Joker and I have made it my mission to bring fun, laughter and happiness into your life.

How? You may ask.
Don't get me wrong: I am not a Wizard or a Chef but I have taken some special ingredients, mixed them all together to bring you something rather Magical and Delicious.
What are these ingredients? I want to know.
Just be a little patient and all will be revealed. First, just answer the following questions to yourself and if you answer yes to all of them, then this may be the answer to all your hopes and dreams.

(618) 280-1717

Do you like football?
Are you part of a social network i.e. amateur football team, pub quiz team etc
Do you like a bit of friendly banter and competition?
Do you or have you watched 'Football Focus'?
Have you seen the 'Prediction Game'?
Would you like to pit your wits against your mates and the rest of the world?
Better still, in real time with an ever changing leader board as goals are scored?
Do it on a Saturday afternoon (League/ Cup matches)?
Do it on a Sunday afternoon (Super Sunday)?
Even mid-week (Champions League)?
For as little as 10p (20p max) for each forecast made?

If you're still reading, then I think it's only fair of me to reveal my hand.